December dripper


December dripper


The first pourover coffee dripper designed completely by specialty coffee experts. Brewing perfect coffee is easier than ever!

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The December Dripper is the first coffee brewer that’s designed from the ground up by specialty coffee brewing experts, making a truly great cup easier than ever!

Brewing great coffee in a pourover dripper involves:

  • Great quality whole bean specialty coffee, roasted 3-14 days ago
  • Clean water, without flavor taints or high mineral content
  • Coffee ground to the right size, preferably with a high quality grinder that grinds the coffee to a more consistent particle size
  • A good brew recipe (i.e., 25g of coffee to 360mL of water)
  • The right temperature water (typically around 200°F or 93°C)
  • A good way to pour the brew water onto your coffee (a kettle designed specially for coffee will give you the best control)
  • A consistent, controlled, and gentle pour of water
  • Everything lining up so that your coffee is finished brewing in between 3 to 4 minutes

In general, if you can accomplish all of that, you’re going to have a great cup of coffee.

The problem is, most pourover drippers (or for that matter, most coffee brewers of any kind) don’t set things up for you to accomplish that list of requirements.



In order to make the best brew, your grind size needs to be optimal for the coffee you’re using and the target brew time you’re going for. Despite what many believe, you can’t just grind finer and brew for a shorter time. The increased surface area exposed by grinding the coffee finer results in more over-extracted flavors, which come through as bitter, astringent, and generally unpleasant. The best coffee brew will be a balance of the flavors extracted from the coffee grounds, and a medium-coarse grind will help you get there.

If the water flows too quickly or slowly through the coffee bed, your coffee is going to taste too weak or too strong. But in other drippers, it’s really hard to control the speed at which your brew flows, and if you don’t have control over that speed, you’re not going to be able to brew properly, and that’s a problem.

The December Dripper is the answer.


The December Dripper is the first flat-bottomed pourover coffee dripper with adjustable brew flow. For coffee lovers, that means that it makes brewing a better cup easier than ever! For coffee brewing nerds, that means precision control over flow restriction after the brew bed. You can maintain an optimal grind size with a wide range of brew recipes and achieve an even extraction every time.

The December Dripper is a flat-bottomed pourover coffee dripper, similar to a Kalita Wavedripper or a commercial coffee brewer. Having a hockey-puck shaped coffee brew bed sets things up for an even brew dynamic, meaning the water interacts with all of the coffee grounds in a similar way, whether you’re talking about the grounds at the top of the bed, the bottom, or one of the corners. Other drippers come in some sort of cone shape, setting things up for an uneven brew.

The main innovation of the December Dripper is a variable aperture base. The ability to change the number of openings at the bottom of the dripper allows you to slow the flow of water through the dripper, consistently reaching your target brew time. In most other drippers, which have no adjustable flow control, you can only control flow by varying the amount of coffee you’re brewing, or worse, by adjusting the grind away from what’s optimal. Both of these stop-gap efforts to finish your brew on target diminish the quality of the coffee in your cup. Why buy an expensive bag of specialty coffee if you can’t get a great brew every time? Even the most skilled baristas are limited by the confines of traditional pourover drippers.

When you twist the base of the December Dripper, you have the option of four different stages.

Stage 0 is when the dripper is fully closed. No water will flow out of the bottom of the dripper. This setting is convenient at the end of the brew, when a continuous drip might make a mess when you move the dripper off of your server or cup. In our prototype release, we have seen that some baristas like to close the dripper off during the “bloom time,” the period when you’re first wetting the coffee and waiting for carbon dioxide gas to release.

You have the option of adjusting the December Dripper during the brew or choosing a stage that is optimal for the resulting volume of coffee you intend to prepare.

Stage 1 is optimized for about a 10-12 ounce (300-360mL) brew.
Stage 2 is optimized for about a 14-16 ounce (400-475mL) brew.
Stage 3 is optimized for about a 18-24 ounce (500-700mL) brew.

To use the December Dripper, you simply rotate the dripper-section against the saucer-section (we see you, ST:TNG nerds!) and set it to your desired position. When you can control the flow rate, you are suddenly free to dial-in your grind size to where you really want it for the best flavor and aroma that your coffee has to offer.

The December Dripper is great for light, medium, or dark roasted coffee. With any contribution we’ll include a handy brew guide that will help you brew better coffee. We do recommend that you have a good quality grinder, though many cafes will grind your coffee for you upon request. We recommend any of the grinders from our good friends at Baratza. A pouring kettle for brew water, like the Kalita Wave Pot 1L, is also recommended but not required.

The December Dripper is compatible with Kalita Wave #185 filters, which are readily available around the world. The filter paper is high-quality and doesn’t add a papery flavor to the brew.



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